I went back to my seat.

Do you want to come over and watch a movie or something?

Adam will follow Brooke.

I'd like some cheese.


I get up at six.

We need to protect them.

He knows how to behave in public.


Why don't you all just take a seat?

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Is she really that pretty?

Jagath is a deacon in his church.

By the age of sixteen, she had received a scholarship to attend Stanford University.

You must've misunderstood.

Why doesn't Vickie know that?


He gave the right to become children of God.

He is introverted.

Pavlov rang a bell whenever he fed his dogs.

Per checked the TV schedule to see what was on.

I'm sure you meant well.


If you dislike my way of doing things that much, why don't you just do it yourself instead.

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He usually fed his dog cheap dog food.


We're not always right.

I think we've eaten enough.

I play an important part.

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If there are two in a room and three go out, one must go in, so that none is in the room.

It's about time we brought this party to an end, isn't it?

He kept us waiting for more than an hour.

I read your letter to my family.

We want to learn some songs in French.

I will be able to see you tomorrow unless something unexpected turns up.

Has Ken left Japan for good?

I don't think we're welcome here.

Les was the life of the party.


She's a junior employee.

I'm really happy to be here.

This book has a certain value.

I think I could convince Vivek to put you on the list.

Do I know you?

Are all of Stagger's brothers still in Boston?

Boston is very important.

Jill handed Sergiu a paper cup.

I gave Ariel a couple of tickets for my concert.

I just wanted to finish it before I went home.

Although you are able to win, sometimes yield to a friend; since through deference sweet friends are preserved

Here the wages are paid in proportion to the amount of work done.

I'm sorry for not being more supportive.

I pruned one.

I do not agree with you at all.

How do you pronounce "pronounce"?

I see him as a stranger.

I'm asking you to stay.

I'm glad it all worked out.


The milk is disgusting.

I'm a radio ham.

I wish I'd called them.


I think I have a decayed tooth.


Why does Dan do that to himself?

The party went on for three hours.

I like to climb mountains.

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You can't be a little pregnant.

We should have a conversation.

Stu is a bell maker.

I'm going to be honest with you.

She was fully guaranteed her liberty.

I sang for two hours.

I did not find any data from the system.


That's smart.

Meehan covered his face.

Jordan stood there.

Happiness is determined by your heart.

I'm sick of your excuses!


I'm trying to help Eugene, but he won't let me.

Are you a detective?

Go, already!


Will you leave this with me for a while?

We went to Boston last year.

Why would you think something like that?

Neville carved his own smoking pipe.

I wasn't fast enough.


I've never forgotten that time.

The bar was so smoky that my eyes started to sting.

I'm not convinced that Josip is right.

Can you look here please?

I've never delivered a baby.


There's a lot of tension among the siblings.

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Do you take me for an idiot?


You've said way too much already.

Don't believe him who speaks nice words, but him who speaks simply the truth.

I played with the baby on my knee.


You should have stood up.

What instrument does Suu play?

I heard what Oliver said to you.

Hwa wanted you to think he'd died.

I think you should ask her.

I'm very optimistic.

Reinhard is John's twin brother.

I don't know what got into Donn.

The storm is coming our way.

He takes her to his office and they start talking about love.

Victor doesn't know much about sailing, does he?

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Where is Pantelleria?

You'll have to speak to the clerk about that.

Put out your cigarette before you eat.

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President Bush gave an important address on TV and the radio yesterday.

Just wait right here.

I vaguely remember meeting him.

Israel is unconvinced.

We'll get you another balloon.

He had to share a bedroom with his brother.

Do you like to do homework?

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One of us could be the winner.

Socorrito found an ancient gold coin.

He gave me one last chance.


I was with Dalton the night before he died.

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Sundaresan doesn't get out of the city much.

He has gained a few pounds.

As usual, Mike was late for the meeting this afternoon.

The oldest brother became a successful trader.

I got the secret out of Mr Yoshida.

Said John, and he was right.

Everyone is waiting for Shadow.

When will Liisa's party come off?

I'm not a vegetarian.

All of us aim at success.

Health is all I want.

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An eagle is flying in the sky.

She went for a walk with him this morning.

Don't forget who you are.

Darren handed a note to me.

Clarence is extremely popular.

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He is an ace pitcher.

Bill was careless in handling his pistol.

Should I have not done that?


Writers often use a pseudonym.

Internationally, almost 900 million people don't have enough to eat.

The party has started.

Enough money was available for him to begin his business.

Forget the sad affair.


Edmond scored four goals.

Please tell me who some of the famous musicians in your country are.

Kusum gets angry at the slightest hint of criticism.

The man holding the umbrella is Ken.

Eugene has never used the Internet.


I may not agree with what you say, but I'll listen.

We will visit you occasionally.

Jeff forgot to pay the bill.

He doesn't greet his neighbours.

Does Donn look thirty to you?

Mike is not a member of the volleyball team.

He achieved a throw of seventy meters.

Why was it in your car?

I bet Malcolm never kissed you like that.

Johnathan wrung out the cloth.

Valerie likes to cook Chinese food.

Timo and Martin embraced each other.

There's definitely someone out there.

Are you suggesting I was the one who caused the problem?

I wanted to smack you.

Why would Cole be interested in collaborating with us?

Is it all right to eat out tonight?

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Time crept on.

We don't even know where Oskar grew up.

Where are the luggage carts?

I was moved by their kindness.

She won a phone.

We can't trust him.

I was okay.


She is in her thirties, but looks old for her age.