I don't like her at all.

I'm afraid I have to agree with Slartibartfast's analysis.

This can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Don't be annoying.

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I took sides with them in the argument.

Clark wanted to name his puppy Cookie.

He often leaves his umbrella on a train.

He proposed that we take a small break.

It was very exciting! I'd like to go again.

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I have three cousins.

It doesn't look like much.

I can speak Japanese, but I can't read it very well.


It couldn't wait.

Her mates waited for her by the gate.

I paid cash.

We don't even like them.

They say you should consult the past if you want to learn about the future. History has a lot to teach us.

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Sandra and his workers killed all the infected sheep.


What she said wasn't true.

He put sour cream in the spaghetti.

Let's eat while the food is warm.


Radek denies those allegations.


They made their way toward the town.

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We can't get a hold of Marco.

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Would you rather visit Boston or Chicago?

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Please let me know if you need help in reserving a room closer to the Convention Center.

You have a guilty conscience, don't you?

Ronni regrets stopping.

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I'll be there in a second.


Today I was coming to work by car.


Pedro got to the station too late so he missed the train.

She led a group of nuns called the Missionaries of Charity.

Johnny goes everywhere by himself.

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The professor thought it rude to say such a thing.


The cow is anything but bright.


I was up for hours last night thinking about what I should do.

Edmond spoke only French.

Amy put a few more logs on the fire.

Sharan kept looking at Jerrie's picture.

It's a Hindi movie.

Juan bought Jos an expensive umbrella.

I caught the man stealing the money.


They also raised animals for meat and milk.


They will come before long.

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Pink and rose are similar colors.


See you Monday at school.

I didn't mean to give you that impression.

I need to get to school.

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Suwandi has been drinking a lot since he got divorced.


Did you know the phone's off the hook?

I just need some advice.

I didn't wake up yesterday

Judy is all bark and no bite.

Look it up in the dictionary.

You're so predictable.

Hamilton looked under the bed to see what was there.

We elected Tarmi chairman.

Kristian was hiding in the barn.

As a rule, it doesn't snow much here.

I hope the bread keeps until tomorrow.


A heavy purse makes a light heart.

I think that was hilarious.

Rolf wouldn't do what Mehrdad asked him to do.

Have you ever had anything custom made?

Next, I would like to be able to sing better.

This word is really beautiful.

You must observe the law.


These shoes are obviously not large enough for Cary.


You must be very busy these days.

What do I write?

Adam was a member of a secret society.


I was proud of them.

Irvin is really sharp, isn't he?

I saw Emily last week.

I just now signed the divorce papers, and with this I'm finally free!

I have no interest in fashion.

She considered his offer carefully.

The cheetah is the fastest animal.

Can you practice Japanese with me?

All men die. Daren is a man. Therefore, Micky will die.

One must not be blinded by physicality.

Where do you really want to go?


Someone deleted my comment.

I am a member of the baseball team.

Booze is the answer, but now I can't remember the question.

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You arrived there before Ricky.


Dan's great.

My parents made me apologize to Roger.

My job is to wash the dishes.

He shall pay for this one day.

The news of his sudden death astounded me.


Are you sure one bottle of wine is going to be enough?

My personality is not at all serious!

Most experts think a lot of his theory.

It's time we changed that.

Marvin built himself a house.

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He has a big future in baseball.

The cat is eating the mouse.

Why did you ditch me?

Love is never without jealousy.

Edwin might recommend that we stay here for a week or two.

Do you know who's in charge?

I haven't asked him yet.

Who among us is perfect?

Why didn't anyone come?

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Reinhard takes good care of me.

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I am grudged even the least bit of happiness.


You're unusually quiet today.

Most guitars have six strings.

It sounds as if the government doesn't know what to do.


The money amounts to almost two thousands dollars.

What's your favorite day of the week?

It seems to be one of the fundamental features of nature that fundamental physical laws are described in terms of a mathematical theory of great beauty and power.

I do not like to make mistakes.

Have you eaten the cake yet?

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I took the word, because I could no longer hold my silence.


I've eaten a great deal of food this week.


My father used to read me stories when I was a little boy.

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It was necessary.

We calculated that we could reach the place within two weeks.

We caught some large fish there.

You shall receive two certificates of achievement.

One panini or two paninis?

I'm not one to sit around.

Have you ever eaten Mexican food?

He who desires too much, gets nothing.

You must not smoke in this building.


I think Carter is horrible.

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Pat doesn't spend much time in Boston.


We need more information.

Is it on this side of the street?

Is Jianyun in the office?

I am employed as a librarian in an academic library.

John accompanied Juliane to the concert.


Don't look at this!

I am very sorry, but I must cancel our appointment for February 27.

The police have arrested me.

He's like a brother to me.

I'm actually a little afraid.

I made these boxes myself.

Machida is an interesting city that's a mix of the old and the new.

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Hon acted as if he didn't know Stephanie.

We should make sopa paraguaya.

A lot of funds are necessary to travel.

Suyog certainly is a good husband.

The study which Mr Smith specializes in is economics.

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Is Hunter famous?

The average number of pregnancies per woman is two in industrialized countries.

Why did Maureen stop working here?

Go get some towels.

There is a serious lack of language teachers in Tel Aviv.

I owe them 300 dollars.

We saw her enter the room.


Mike likes the cat.