Eat your vegetables.

I was too surprised to speak.

This place is in shambles.

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You're more beautiful than I remember you.

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That's cheating to start running before everyone else.

I plan to spend the New Year's holiday in Australia.

Kris smiled amiably.


How did you ever find out about Teri?

His family has to live on his small income.

The costs are too high.

There is not a grain of truth in it.

Dimitry and Hitoshi were both wearing sunglasses.

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They won't need you.

Ramanan doesn't really understand how I feel.

Enlightening the people is very easy.

He raised our expectations only to disappoint us.

I want you to call her now.


It's important I do this.

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Violence against women is one of the most frequent violations of human rights worldwide.


Pigeons are very bothersome birds in cities.

"I might like to know about your relations with men." "Relations with men?" "Things like who you get on well with, who you've dated and such."

Dalton took something of mine.

Thanks for your help.

Malus will be back in about three hours.

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I'll see him later.


She's honest enough, but can you really trust her?

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He was killed in the accident.

Fancy meeting you here.

Sorry, but Olof's right.

Allan waited until Rogue was out of sight.

Major opened the door and walked in.

Is it something I said?

All I want is to be with my family.

We stayed in Boston for about a week.

You'll remember me, Rabin.

It's already seven.

I hope everything went well.

This is the house.

They were kind enough to assist us.

I had my purse stolen in the bus.

Iranian people strongly believe in the Persian character of the Persian Gulf.

Add the water to the mixture and, using a cold knife, stir until the dough binds together.

I have met her before.


No one is at fault.

You won't have to worry about Vic.

There's a little wind.

You should've seen what Gilles did.

Lorenzo worked hard all afternoon.

I thought you were mad at her.

I can't go anywhere else.


Tell me everything you know about the situation.


If you keep pestering me, I'll send you overboard to chum the water with your useless guts!

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I'll be there at 2:30.

White-collar workers face many difficulties.

Take care not to strain your eyes.

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There is a bridge over the pond.

This won't be a safe place for a while.

Aimee has always wanted to be No. 1.


Be careful not to spill gasoline when filling the tank on your lawn mower.

They know their stuff.

Steven begged Shuvra not to say anything to his parents.


Malus is trying to get back in shape.

King says he can't put up with this noise any longer.

It is cool after the rain.


Rusty knows what happened here yesterday afternoon.

Why don't we try and get a few hours sleep.

He is particular about how he dresses.

Though he is rich, he is unkind.

I'm taking him to the hospital.

A long time ago, most people lived in groups that moved around as the seasons changed.

Phppt! That's what you get for laughing at a girl!

Ralph denied the allegation.

Alexander is pretty happy about that.


I have got much homework.

"Hello." "Hi, this is Griff. I'm calling about the package I ordered."

Study the student more.


I had intended to go abroad.

I can't stand his behavior anymore.

I'll take back what I said.


For further details, read below.

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A hundred people were hurt in a train wreck.

Alf might be able to help you study for your exam.

Ken may come back.

Most people have to work for their livelihood.

You traveled by train.

Vicki sounded concerned.

Can you hand me a towel?

Fair, later cloudy.

He bought this truck from Poland.

Did you see them last night?

They employ foreigners because Japanese workers are in short supply.

They consider him unfit for the job.

Mitch put his hand over Son's mouth.


Have we met before?


This was her first novel.


The train was very crowded.

My house is within easy reach of the station.

I don't have a dog.

That kind of behaviour affects your honour.

Fine, would you like anything else?

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Allen has to get back to work.

My mother made me a Christmas cake.

If there's a world-wide all-out nuclear war it's said that there will be a "nuclear winter" all over the planet for several months.


I had dinner with them.

That's not difficult.

In her youth, my mother was very beautiful.


Nancy wants a pair of red shoes.

Raj's closets are full of clothes she hasn't worn in years.

How many times have you made the trip by boat?

You're particular.

I heard my parents whispering last night.


You're motivated.

Cristi doesn't go to a good school.

We stared at each other for quite a while.

I thought Boyce would appreciate the gift from Jared.

Botafogo has won the Brazilian League Trophy.

I will drive you to Brindisi.

Do you have a seven-yen stamp?

I like fruit.

His help came in the nick of time.

Never trouble till trouble troubles you.

I would like you to be here.

I wish you had called thirty minutes ago.

Without you, life is awful.

His Japanese is almost perfect.

She feels homesick.

I don't go to church.

I take you for an honest man.

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Edith is looking through the letters.

Hey, wake up!

It was the bad weather that caused his illness.

He dried his wet clothes by the fire.

I have faith in each and every one of you.

Antelopes can easily outrun lions.

Marty wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

We have to come up with a new plan.

They're just evil.

So where does Al Gore fit in to the story?

Hearing the terrible noise, I asked him what was going on.

This is probably a stupid question, but which is stronger, the tiger or the lion?

Everything should be done in accordance with the rules.

My little brother always sleeps with his teddy bear.

I know where Eduardo keeps his important papers.

It is a moment of coordination of the company.

Once, Christopher Columbus made a mistake. We say "once", of course, because he did this once and only once.

This coat fits you.

Will you tell him I called?

Tran believes everything Svante says.

Can you recommend a good Korean restaurant?

What do they know that we don't?

You aren't thinking straight.

I've got to call them.

It's my turn to tell you a secret.

I thought you were retired.

For sale.


Kerri did a terrific job.


You're lucky to be alive.

I suspect you've already done that.

I asked Luke if we could meet.

The people's opinion can change.

What's troubling you?

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She is endowed with a talent for music.

Can you stay with us?

The room is furnished with two beds.


It'll happen quite quickly.