What was he doing in your room?


I may have told you this story before.

Why do you hide your breasts?

Easter is never mentioned by the Lord or the apostles, nor was it ever observed by the early church!


There is no simple solution for this problem.

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I want a jacket shaped like yours.

Have you ever picked your nose in the presence of the teacher?

Knapper anonymously donated a large sum of money to the Red Cross.

Your advice is highly appreciated.

Have you asked Byron if he'll be there?

Thank you for telling me what you hate. Now it has become easier to fight you.

David and Jeanne were married for three years.

Dirk got drunk with his friends.

Clayton insisted I come alone.


Toufic never told you because he didn't want you to worry about him.

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Let's just hope Suzanne is alone.

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Kay was like a father to me.


I learned to type at the age of nine.

Poor as he was, he did not borrow money from others.

Ofer is a very close friend, but he's not my boyfriend.

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My country is far from Japan.

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Carol certainly fooled Nigel.

I used to think Margot was good-looking.

There must be some reason for what he has done.


The required majority was not achieved by any of the candidates at the first ballot.


To tell the truth, I don't like his way of thinking.

A man is picking out a tune on the guitar.

However tired I may be, I must work.

Does your family background involve Chinese medicine?

I am shaking salt on my omelette.


That's got to be painful.

Please bring me a chair from the next room.

I understand what she's saying.

There is no time to be lost.

There was a crack in my tennis racket, so I sent it out to be repaired.

Mosur was very kind.

Summer vacation? What does "summer vacation" mean?

It cost me thirty dollars for parking.

I never really was nervous.

I am just warming up now.

Let's hope things go more smoothly the next time.

Joni appealed to us for help.

You can never tell.

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Did you want to cut off his head?

Romain is quite different.

Don't bother with what he said.

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I'm not jealous of him.


Sridharan appears to know Keith.

It's that time of the year again.

Who buys such art?

It happened naturally.

We appreciate your coming.

She reads the newspaper every morning.

I think you should talk to someone.

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You got to learn to take what people are willing to give.

Decision to disallow Medicaid for second cochlea implant withdrawn.

Shannon has a fast 56k modem.

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Will you buy for me some saffron?

We're pretty proud of ourselves.

Tell the teacher your name.

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It might be said that this is the computer age.

They arrived here in 1997.

Stealing a man's wife, that's nothing, but stealing his car, that's larceny.

These are nice.

I'm going to bring Leila back here.

Hurry up and get dressed. You're going to miss your ride.

She's as good a cook as her mother.

If you pressed that button, the engine would stop.

Sonny poured himself a tall glass of milk.

How cold is it in Boston right now?

Mann took a knife out of a drawer in the kitchen.


Archie just glared.

Mike left his brother in the lurch.

William and Alain have been waiting for you.

How did you bring in the new year?

Suzan was in favor of aborting the mission.

They adopted my point of view.

The housing market is stagnant.

If you can't help me, at least let me work.

Dan speaks in an extremely aggressive manner.

He will be a wonderful scholar.

I think I may know where Marvin is.

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Search not the wound too deep lest thou make a new one.

She is a good dancer.

He is what we call a man of culture.

I liked working with you.

I know each one of you.


The traffic accident deprived him of his sight.


Some people watched TV serials every evening.


I had a good holiday.


She played a tune on the piano.

I think I've had one too many.

iPhones have capacitive touchscreens.


I saw you out here by yourself and thought you might like someone to talk to.


Knowledge can only be obtained by study.


Don't work too much!

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Staying is dangerous.

Dewey is a hunk.

I hear laughing.

Why did you call us here?

Saumya drove through town with his handbrake on, without noticing it.

The Soviet people are not afraid of peaceful competition with capitalism.

Unless you start now, you'll be late.

Why was Paola here?

Randal has a pretty good idea who burned his house down.

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This movie is about a squirrel who gains human-like intelligence.

You still have a lot to learn about women.

No vital organs were damaged.

Jordan is three years older than you.

You'll never be able to keep it a secret.

Do you know what I'm going to do? Nothing.

His masterpiece has not appeared yet.

I never wrote to her, despite the urge to do so.

Milner is arrogant about her beauty.

There's a chance it might be Shakil.

If you drive carelessly, you will miss your turn.

You can search words, and get translations. But it's not exactly a typical dictionary.

I'm getting confused.

I met Ralf in front of the store.

I heard somebody talking.


What Alf said didn't make sense.


Would you like some more salad?


Ami is playing the piano.

Triantaphyllos keeps a diary.

"Are you talking to me?" "Are you talking to me?" "I'm the only person here."

Those who know won't say, and those who will don't know.

Joshua put his helmet back on.

Nick doesn't know my name.

I didn't train as much as he did.

Janet will have to get medical attention.

I said that to myself.

If you didn't exist, then I would invent you.

I don't get why girls aren't all lesbians.


I struck the wall with my fist.


My father doesn't allow me to go out with Bill.

The sun beat down on our necks and backs.

I didn't tell Kimmo everything.

Knut ate breakfast by himself.

He made an official visit to the French president the day before yesterday.

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Pam Jackson wasn't reelected governor.

Her ring fell into a river and sank to the bottom.

Do you work with them?

Kyouichi Saionji, who he supposed would win the duel, has lost.

I was asked to umpire the game.

Don't spread yourself too thin.

We've got to fight fire with fire!


I mean those of the 10th of June.

Have things been difficult for you?

I'm majoring in economics.

That's what I figured.

My dad loves us.

Is that a bird?

They lived in Spain for several years.

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I'll look up the vocabulary in the dictionary.

Don't yell at them.

Bob is a very wise man.


I wrote a letter to Jim.

You are busy now, aren't you?

There is a rule concerning the use of knives and forks.

She's a better liar than I thought.

So, when did you two meet?